Apply for membership

To join our organization take a look at the goals and values of Open Knowledge Network, fill in the following form, sign it digitally and it will be automatically forwarded to us. If you don’t have means to digitally sign the application (any of the ID cards valid in Europe or Estonian e-residency card), you can always send it directly to our board at According to our statutes (in Estonian) private persons as well as organizations can join. If you join as an organization, please provide relevant credentials in the application form.

We don’t share personal data outside of the organization. To join us e-mail address and data provided by digital signature (that is, full name and/or personal identity number) is enough. However, if you want that our member list or public materials link to your social media accounts, blogs etc, please provide links to those in the application. Please also provide us with your location of residence in order to make it easier for us to plan our projects and activities in different parts of country (and world). In the application you should also describe your interest in Open Knowledge and on what topics and how exactly would you like to commit to Estonian group of the network. We are also interested in your expertise and hobbies that might be relevant to our endeavours, so please take time to give us an idea about that too.